Mike Blanchard & the Californios are a Country and Western band, playing traditional Americana and unabashedly proud of their California roots. Founded by Mike Blanchard of The Tattooed Love Dogs, a band that has been playing the west coast for over 20 years, the band includes his wife Laurie Blanchard on vocals, Eric Crownover on snare, Rob Meyer on vocals and stand up bass, Vincent Montoya on guitar and vocals and Roger Kunkel on Guitars and Mandolin.

The band plays an Americana grab bag with a mix of originals, gospel, and honky tonk as well as covers of their favorite artists from both old and new. They are equally at home in a honky tonk, winery, outdoor festival or a church social. Mike Blanchard & the Californios will punch your country card.

Mike Blanchard - Vocals and Guitar
He is a Renaissance man and a jack of all trades: singer, songwriter, artist, poet, mechanic. He owns his own automotive repair shop and motorcycle shop and he builds vintage cars.

Laurieanne Blanchard - Vocals
Laurie Blanchard grew up on a farm in Oregon and her love of country music comes from her mother who grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry. She was taught three-part harmony by her mother.

Eric Crownover - Drums and Vocals
Eric locks down the percussion for the Californios and provides solid backing vocals. Ever the troublemaker, Mr. Crownover is known to bastardize lyrics and deliver clever remarks.

Rob Meyer - Stand Up Bass and Vocals
There is a devil on Mike´s shoulder, he is Rob Meyer, the newest member of the Californios family. "Cinco," as he is known within the band, also plays with Grub Dog and the Amazing Sweethearts, based out of Austin, Texas.

Vincent Montoya - Guitars, Vocals
Vinnie brings the magic to the dance. A long time co-writer in the Tatttoed Love Dogs, Vinnie is a spiritual partner for the band.
Roger Kunkel - Guitars, Mandolin
Roger, formally of Thin White Rope, brings flowing melodies and haunting phrases.